The next best thing to eating or traveling is talking about it and I believe when you love something too much, sharing the love only doubles up the joy! Which is why, even though most people seem to be critiquing foodies and travel fanatics across the world complaining about how ridiculously over rated the two genres have become – here’s just another wackadoodle presenting you food and travel shenanigans collated out of some great experiences worth living.

I am Pallavi Ayyagari, a Digital Marketing professional by choice, a foodie by passion and a traveller for a purpose. Forever in pursuit of happiness, I do everything that makes me happy! Eating, cooking and travel play a large role and you shall see that in my writings.

For me, travel is my drug, good food – ecstasy and a combination of the two – Nirvana!

Whether you’re a foodie constantly looking out for some adventure in the kitchen or trying to check off the go-to restaurants in the city and travel destinations from your bucket list… This is where you belong!

Welcome to Tripping On Food!