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Six breakfast places in Mumbai that you shouldn’t miss!

Pallavi Ayyagari
Written by Pallavi Ayyagari

Attn: Breakfast Lovers!


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of my day. I have to start my day with something hearty to be able to gamble through the rest of my waking hours. Every now and then, I love indulging in some fancy breakfast with no food abstinence, no weight watching & no calorie counting. The joy of starting your day with a lip smacking meal is something only a true breakfast lover would cherish. And if that is followed by a cozy nap and some movie streaming all day, the happiness just doubles up. Anyway, coming back to breakfast, this article is to help all you Mumbai foodies out there who love their breakfast and can’t function without starting their day with a king sized meal. So here is my list of the top six breakfast places in Mumbai:


Nutcracker – As on today, this place tops my list of best breakfast places in the city. Not only is their spread scrumptious and delicious but their portions and flavors are great too. Nutcracker is a cute little cafe tucked away in the by-lanes of Fort and has some great food and beverage options to pick from. I’ve tried almost everything on their menu and I have nothing to complain about. From healthy breakfast options to the more indulgent ‘don’t even think of counting the calories’ kind of options, you’ll find it all here! The menu isn’t too elaborate, but most of it is worth trying.


Must Try – The Meltdown (Salted caramel hot chocolate)

Buttermilk pancakes

Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Eggs your way (any)

Belgian Waffles – Nutella


Suzette – Crepe heaven. Their Nutella crepes are lip smackingly delicious. This melt-in-the-mouth crepe is the perfect way to indulge in some sweet goodness before you start your day. The savory crepes are delicious too. The best part is that you can pick and choose from a variety of organic ingredients and have it made your way. Everything you get here is absolutely fresh, organic, clean and light on your stomach. Full marks for going organic here! From the toppings, to dressings, to the sandwiches, all have a very fresh non-greasy texture and taste. Their menu is definitely high on authenticity and taste so you wouldn’t mind spending a few extra bucks on the food as it is priced slightly on the higher side.



Must Try – Nutella crepes

Omelettes (Any)

Buffalo Sandwich

Croque Matin


Madras cafe – The best place to enjoy a wholesome, high-on-carbs, authentic South Indian breakfast. Idli, dosa, upma, puri bhaji, sheera, appam, bisibelle bhaat, you name it and they’ll have it on their menu! It’s one of my favourite places to enjoy delicious breakfast with home-like flavours. Enjoy authentic South Indian breakfast and some really strong filter coffee and take home some nice dry snacks from just outside the cafe. This is one of those places that you would want to visit on a Sunday morning with your family, eat everything you can and head back home for a nap. You’ll need it after OD’ing on all that grease and carbs, believe me!





Must Try – Butter Podi Idli

Medu Wada

Ghee rava masala dosa

Pineapple sheera

Filter kaapi


Smokehouse Deli – This one is another absolute favourite when it comes to English breakfast. From fresh and fluffy omelettes to gorgeous sausages and bacon that are delish, buttermilk pancakes, freshly baked croissants and bagels this place is a dynamite. It’s so refreshing and filling that you will definitely want to skip lunch after gorging on the huge portions of breakfast served here. They also offer a fine range of loose leaf teas, single origin coffees and fresh fruit juices and smoothies. The fresh fruit boosters that they have are quite a meal in themselves.


Must Try – Smoked Salmon and Wasabi bagel

Eggs – Skillet fried omelettes

Good old eggs benedict

Tropical smoothie


Salt Water Cafe – Quite well known for their delectable breakfast options, Salt Water Cafe is one of the oldest go-to options we have in town for breakfast. Nothing on their menu disappoints, be it eggs or their breakfast sandwiches. All of their outlets have a good ambiance to enjoy a peaceful and delightful breakfast. The perfect stop over to satisfy your senses before you start your day. Their smoothies are light and refreshing and are really good value for money.



Must Try – Smart omelette

Eggs Florentine

Breakfast sandwiches



Seven Kitchens, Palladium Hotel – A little steeply priced, the breakfast buffet here is a spread fit for kings! There’s nothing you wouldn’t find on their menu. The perfect place for a Sunday brunch, you can enjoy delicious pan cakes and waffles, eggs benedict and omelettes, toast and spreads, healthy sandwiches, fresh fruits and juices, cold cuts, cheese platter, baked vegetables, idlis and wadas, poha and upma and so much more. If you think that wasn’t enough, there are also a number of not-so-mainstream breakfast options like dimsums, noodles, chinese stir fry, desserts, fish fillet’s and chicken stir fry. That most definitely makes this place more of a brunch place. Worth visiting if you’re someone with a massive appetite and can do justice to the wide spread.



Must Try – Dimsums


Eggs Benedict


That sums up most of my personal favourites when it comes to ‘breakfast binges’ in the city. If you’ve been to any other that are worth talking about, tell me in the comments below and I’ll go try it soon! 🙂


Until then, keep Tripping On Food!


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