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Conditori La Glace – Copenhagen

Pallavi Ayyagari
Written by Pallavi Ayyagari




Conditori La Glace – The oldest and best confectionery in Copenhagen that’ll steal your heart and takeover your taste buds for a lifetime.
Walking down the quaint by-lanes of one of the most gorgeous cities of Denmark – Copenhagen, we finally spotted this divine patisserie/confectionery called La Glace. We had done enough research before getting to Scandinavia on the best places to visit and being foodies, La Glace had to be on top.




Founded in the middle of old Copenhagen on the 8th of October 1870, La Glace has brought happiness to Copenhagen and its visitors through six generations. The food here is out of the world, ambiance – adorable and the service – mind blowing. You place your order and pay at the counter and your order is brought to your table within minutes. There’s not one thing that you can complain about when you’re here except for the part that it is priced a little high (for Indians especially if you’re amongst those who can’t stop converting currency while travelling abroad). But trust me it’s all worth every penny you spend!


Your world goes slo-mo as soon as you enter this confectionery and dig into the first bite of any of their creations. It’s not just the food that screams porn, at La Glace, it’s the sight and aromas too.


We had all of their house specials:


  1. Hot Chocolate
  2. TeLa Glace tea
  3. Sportskage
  4. Georginekage (strawberry cheesecake)

Their hot chocolate is easily one of the best in the World. So rich, so delicious, so decadent. This bittersweet liquid chocolate is served with freshly whipped unsweetened cream, cutting down on the sweetness of the chocolate and making this beverage as heavenly as it could get. What’s even better is that it comes in a pot that can be refilled. I bet you can’t have more than a pot though.




The piping hot tea was fragrant and unbelievably refreshing. This tea has flavors of orange, vanilla and rose which was such a mood lifter. One cup of this freshly brewed tea on a drowsy afternoon just brought everyone back to their wacky senses. A must try again!


Their ‘Sportskage’ also known as sports cake is ridiculously delicious and the taste is no where close to the sound of it. Yes, this piece of art is pure indulgence and has got nothing to do with the word ‘sports’. This house special is a combination of – hazelnut cream, crushed nougat, a macaron bottom, caramelized choux pastry and also a delicious croquembouche as garnish. Heavenly indeed!

*Just in case you’re wondering why the term ‘sports’, the cake was first created for the theatre production ‘Sports Man’ and that’s how the name came and stuck around.




Their strawberry cheese cake again is one of the best I’ve personally had ever. The cream was so light and airy that you could eat gallons of it without getting too full. The cake itself was nice and moist with a gorgeous buttery graham cracker base, garnished with luscious fresh strawberries.




The best part about the desserts at La Glace is that they aren’t too sweet or dense. Almost everything on their menu is rich but light and easy on the stomach. The flavours are mild yet impactful and everything on their menu is delightfully scrumptious.




P.S – It’s criminal to visit Copenhagen and not visit La Glace. If you visit this place, don’t forget to bring back your stash of hot chocolate. It tastes yum and also one packet lasts really long. (Over 6 months for me)






Other Deets:



Skoubogade 3-5

1158 København K


Phone –

+45 3314 4646


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TOF Says – Everything on their menu screams indulgence. It is a must must visit if you’re in Copenhagen. When you do visit this place, be prepared to have your dreams drenched in rich chocolat and fluffy cream pies for the days to come. 😀 Talk about food creating an impact.

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