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Pallavi Ayyagari
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The drunks

The British Brewing Company recently set up shop at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. You must have noticed massive hoardings promoting BBC all around the mall. If you’ve visited Palladium anytime in the past 3 months, you’ll know what I mean. Even Zomato had some really nice things to say about this watering hole.


Here is a bit of history – The British Brewing Company was originally formed in Hampstead. It produced beer for the citizens of London and soon developed a reputation for its quality. Sir David Herald, the founder, then decided to open doors of the brewery’s in-house restaurant and café to Londoners. They could sample BBC’s great beer along with freshly made food and of course the legendary British hospitality. And that’s how it came into existence.


Tucked away in the parking lot on the 4th floor of Palladium, this bar is a place you can’t ignore. It provides an earthy ambience with wooden interiors, massive beer barrels, huge doors and windows and a really high ceiling. The place is warmly lit with some amazing 80’s classic rock playing in the background. It’s a great place to hangout post work for a few beers to re-fuel your spirit. I visited this place with my colleagues at 11 pm on a Thursday night. It was quite crowded for a weekday but the vibe was great.

What we ordered:


Classic Fries

Fish Steak (Basa)

Veg Chef’s Pizza


BBC Sangria

Red Label scotch whiskey

Freshly brewed Beer


Classic Fries


We started with the classic fries that is perfect chakna with any drink. They were hot, crisp and fresh out of the pan. It is served with a delicious herbed mayo dip.



Fish Steak


The Fish Steak was a clear winner. It’s a great portion of grilled basa with sautéed  exotic vegetables and mashed potatoes. It’s served with a generous portion of lemon butter sauce. The vegetables were seasoned perfectly and the basa just melted in the mouth. The mash was flavorsome as well. If there was any miss in this dish, it was just that the basa was a little too salty and the sauce a tad bit acidic than it should be. Every bite had to be mellowed down with the mash. But I would definitely give the chef a benefit of doubt, ‘coz all in all, this dish was amazingly delicious and a must must try.


Veg Chef’s Pizza


Next, we called for the Veg Chef’s Pizza. And I must say, it was loaded. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places in the city that grace your pizzas with generous portions of toppings and cheese. This wasn’t one of those for sure. The pizza had a thin and crisp crust with lots of toppings and the right amount of seasoning. Lovely!


Now for the drinks,


BBC Sangria


BBC Sangria – The Sangria here is a mix of red wine, red grape juice, triple sec and chopped fruits. Although I liked how refreshing the drink was, I’ve had better ones in the past. This one tasted more like a mocktail. A little more of wine and triple sec would have definitely helped.


Cider beer


Wheat Beer


Beer – BBC offers some really good local, international and artisanal beers freshly brewed and bought in from the White Owl. The beers were quite a hit. They boast a selection of estery, floral, bouncy and robust beers of great quality. We tried the cider beer and also the wheat beer. The cider beer was fresh and citrusy, just how it should be and the wheat beer was on the darker side, strong and had a bitter after taste. Like all other wheat beers, the after taste definitely clings on to your taste buds pretty much compelling you to have a couple more.


To put it all in a nutshell, the ambiance here is nice, warm and just like how they’ve put it – unhurried! The music is amazing with a fine collection of classic rock from the 80’s  and the food is really delicious. The service is quick & the staff is efficient and friendly. A place definitely worth visiting with family or friends.


TOF Report

The Crack quotient


Does the food get you tripping?


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Does the ambience get you tripping?


TO-TALLI!! Check_mark_23x20_02.svg



TOF says:  Just want to grab a couple of beers and brace yourself for the week ahead? The British Brewing Company is the place to be!

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