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The Pantry, Fort – Mumbai

Pallavi Ayyagari
Written by Pallavi Ayyagari


Finally I got a Saturday to myself and after indulging in an amazing spa experience I was totally ready for some more! While some people love going back home and maybe read a book, or just snuggle in bed after a relaxing spa; being a breakfast person my idea of relaxation was a massive, scrumptious, heart warming breakfast.

After a lot of exploration, I finally decided to visit the Pantry for breakfast. Like every other weekend, this cute little joint was packed with people. The best thing about this place is that every time I come here, I always end up meeting an interesting personality who gives me company through my meal. This time it was a writer. A cute one! 😀

Coming back to the food, I ordered a classic masala omelette and a portion each of their famous Arthurs bacon and Chicken sausages (make sure you ask for plain sausages or else you’ll end up with a Chicken krakauer which is a chicken sausage roll, a dish in itself.)

Now for the review:

The masala omelette – The masala omlette was our typical desi omlette with tomatoes, onions, coriander and chilles. Nothing out of the world! The omelette comes with a side of salad greens that is nice and fresh with a honey vinaigrette dressing as well as a slice of bread. The bread is dry and not buttered so if you’re looking for some extra indulgence, ask for some butter maybe?



The Arthurs Bacon – Most of the breakfast places I have been to have always served dry and chewy bacon but this one was smooth, succulent and so appetizing that I couldn’t have enough of it. This is a must try and is absolutely lip smacking!



The sausage – This tasted divine as well. They give you a single piece of chunky sausage that is quite wholesome and delicious.



The cold coffee – The Pantry has some fancy vegan shakes and drinks that I suggest you try. The salted caramel chocolate shake with almond milk is quite wholesome and substantial. I settled for a large glass of the classic cold coffee. Nothing to boast about nothing to complain, it was a regular thick cold coffee that was quite filling. You can’t go wrong with cold coffees!


TOF Report

The Crack quotient


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Does the ambience get you tripping?



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TOF says – If you plan to visit Pantry for a hearty breakfast, go for it! It’s worth it!

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